Oxyzen Barcelona - escort-club, erotic massage in Barcelona

Oxyzen erotic massage whorehouse in Barcelona

The sex-club Oxyzen is a nice escort-girls club and erotic massage parlor with sex services in Barcelona. This club is located in the historical center near the Ramblas streets. It have a very luxurous decor and awesome pretty girls from everywhere in the world but from spain too.

Location of the brothel Oxyzen Barcelona

Adresse: Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 532 - 08028 Barcelona
Région: Catalonia
Pays: Spain
GPS: 41.382396,2.159196
Téléphone: +34 93 452 34 16
Site web: Oxyzen erotic massages

More info about the whorehouse Oxyzen Barcelona

The erotic massage and whorehouse Oxyzen Barcelona is open everyday 24/7. Free entrance then about 120€ one hour service. Sex practices are sexual massages and erotic massages with happy ending.

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